Happy belated Easter!

I have been wanting to write a quick post to wish my readers a Happy Easter, but have been swept under with tasks and life in general over my long weekend.

Do you usually celebrate Easter? What do you do?

I decided to get crafty and create a little Easter stand.  I was looking for the frugal and space saving ways (especially since we have little to no space left in our flat) to partake in Easter deco.  In the end I came up with this:


Ok, it’s not brilliant shop like display but I love it! I used display fake duck eggs from Butlers, bought some chocolate eggs from M&S and mini Easter chicks from a local party shop.  I made use of my three tier cake stand I bought a few months ago.

If you look around there are websites that provide free printable Easter garlands which I also used to decorate the wall.

All in all, total spend around £10 for decorations.  Not bad! Besides, they take up minimal space and the garlands are fun to make.

I’m quite a sucker for decorating the home according to the holiday season and I’m already gathering ideas for spring/summer!

Did you decorate your home?

What ideas do you have for home spring decorations?

Miss Kooky



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